Empathize With Your Users. Motivate Your Team.

Most teams engage their users through sterile metrics - response times or database table sizes. Real people are reduced to numbers.

Pulse connects you using a heartbeat that responds in realtime to user activity. Your users come alive!

The main heartbeat.
The counts on the summary table also update in real time.

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy! Set up your free account and ping our server whenever something interesting happens. For example:

  • A user signs up
  • A customer buys something
  • A new feature is used
  • Use your imagination!

Then log in to our site and watch the heart beat in realtime each time we receive a ping. We recommend putting the heart up on a TV where everyone on your team can see it! It's also great for passively broadcasting your success to others in the company.

Share Pulses with people outside your organization!
Embed a tiny pulse in your current dashboard!


Pulse is for team leaders and individuals who believe software is created by and for humans.